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The Mask Project

A lot of us became “strangers in a strange land” in the many months of the COVID pandemic. Lost at sea, we struggled to find a safe harbor, while trying to stay safe. This was no less true for artists and photographers. However, artists had an outlet: we could use this as an opportunity to get wildly creative. Many of us lost a lot of work, but that didn’t keep us from documenting what was there: a uniquely crazy situation we could make visual!

I started with the obvious and called it the Mask Project. And then it got fun. I started to interact with people, albeit for short periods of time, and then take those images home and make what I saw – shapes and patterns and personalities. I even took a selfie with my gas mask on. 


I know many have lost friends and loved ones, as have I. I look forward to the day there is no more mask project.

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