Learn Adobe Lightroom 5

Learn how to organize your photos effectively with Adobe Lightroom, in two three-hour sessions



You’ll learn to work with:

  • Photoshop and Bridge vs. Lightroom¬†
  • Adjusting Exposure¬†
  • Adjusting Color Balance– Is your image too warm or cold? Is the color balance off?
  • Cropping
  • How to Batch Process your images
  • Organizing so you’ll never lose track of a photo again
  • New! iPad App information!
    • You’ll Also Learn:

      • To use collections – much like a playlist on the ipod, it’s a great way to organize without having several copies!
      • Use Keywords to organize your image library – With Keywords, you can search for any image in your catalog!
  • Special Classroom Bonus: Getting Creative With Image Filters!

**Come prepared with a laptop and Lightroom 4 or higher installed.
You can download a trial copy for 30 days here**

“It was a very good class with lots of personal attention. The information on key words alone was an enormous benefit and makes Lightroom much easier to use. The objectives were clearly met and the class was a nice pace with time for individual questions!” -Keli

“I’ve taken 2 other classes for using LR and in both, the instructors were more “do it this way” without explaining why. Liz explained why she suggested setting files up a certain way, but also said as long as the way we set them up made sense to us, was fine. This is the first time I had the reasons for DNG explained, as well as smart previews clearly.” -Ann

“I thought location was great! I learned a lot and hopefully will take more classes!” -Ashley

Wednesday November 12th, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM and Wednesday November 19th,
Light snacks included

1934 Old Gallows Rd. Suite 510
Vienna VA 22181

Price: $179

Early Bird Special! Register before 11/2: $165

ASMP, WIFV and CW Members: $155


For more information call me at 703.532.6173
or email me at rollfilm@verizon.net