Here’s what people have to say about Liz Roll:

“Liz has always provided my clients and superiors excellent photos that we can use in a variety of ways. She’s always there and prepares ahead of time so she knows our VIPs and must-have shots.”
-Nancy Greene, Habit for Humanity

“Liz has been my go-to person for special events photography since I started with this organization in 1993. Knowing that she will be on hand to get the right shots at the right time, means that I can focus on other event details.”
– John Spencer, Victory Housing

“We operate a small public relations firm which subcontracts to free-lance photographers from time-to-time and Liz is undoubtedly my number-one choice. She’s reliable and extremely adaptable, regardless of whether we need portrait photography, news or event photography or creative shoots. Liz is diligent in her approach and her commitment to her work and her turnaround time is virtually immediate. She’s also creative and forward thinking, considering not just the aesthetics of each shot but also its eventual application in its final format. In my opinion, she’s a great photographer, and a great friend of our agency.”
-Steve Winter, Brotman Winter Fried Communications

 “I’ve hired Liz many times for my photo shoots. She’s expert, very creative and completely prepared — a true professional. Whether for executive headshots or action shots, she always produces excellent results. I highly recommend her work.”
Amy Gooen, Mantech International

“ACCA’s constituency expects quality and professionalism in everything we produce. Yet we have to work within a nonprofit budget. The photos Liz takes provide us with quality images to use in a variety of member communications throughout the year without breaking the bank.”
-Deneen Stambone, American Corporate Counsel Association